What is Purpose Driven?

Our mission at Purpose Driven Publishing is to discover and publish authors who are striving to make a difference in the world. Authors who have a story to tell, that can and will make an impact. We are looking for authors of any kind that fulfill the mission of being a purpose driven individual. Regardless of what your purpose is, we want to help you amplify your message to help others, and to grow your author platform.

Purpose Driven (pur·pose driv·uh n)

pur·pose/noun: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
driv·uh n/verb: have as one’s intention or objective.

“The world needs more purpose driven individuals to stand up and share their stories of triumph and tragedy to better serve the greater good.”

We work with authors, and aspiring authors, who have a story to tell and a brand to build.

We work with authors who have a message to share with the world,  that will impact the world, however, we also know that not everyone is the right fit. We provide the white glove treatment, we are your concierge, providing you with the best services, best project management and liaising on your behalf with the best in the business. We are the publisher for the people, looking out for the best interests of purpose driven authors everywhere.